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    Reevis Mountain REMEDIES


    Did you know that the first ever pharmacy was opened by Mother Nature?

    While we can argue whether God or an evolutionary force guides the most original of pharmacists, there is no doubt that our ancestors could teach us a lot about the bountiful blessings that whole herbs have provided - safely, effectively, and naturally - since the beginning of time. I simply know of no prescription drug that can make such a claim. Profit is the usual driving force behind such laboratory chemistry, whereas nature's creation of herbs is an expression of vitality, wholeness, and balance.

    My lifelong passion for wild herbs and their healing properties dates back to age seven, when I discovered a sassafras root in the New Jersey woods. Upon moving to Arizona, I met a Pima Indian woman who opened up the world of Southwestern herbs for me and a craving to know every plant, bush, and tree. I served as adjunct professor for Botanical Medicine at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona, for nine years and today continue to teach classes at our school and around the state.

    The creation and subsequent bottling of my herbal remedies began as simply one aspect of my role as community physician at the Reevis Mountain School of Self-Reliance homestead. The school is located in a remote valley in Arizona's Superstition Mountains, with a 30-mile, 90-minute drive to the nearest medical facility, and our residents naturally pursue a path of health and wellness that is simple, non-invasive, and holistic. Friends, students, and residents at the school have been so well served by these intuitively developed herbal formulas that I was encouraged to make them publicly available.

    Please note that I make no claims about the effectiveness of these products and cannot guarantee any results. That would be illegal. I do, however, freely share with you how our extended community has benefited from their application during more than 30 years of self-reliant, home-based health care. Today Reevis Mountain Herbal Remedies serves a loyal and growing family of believers in Southwestern herbs.


    The Herbs we use are sustainably wildcrafted or grown in our organic garden. Tinctures will last two years, or more, probably losing their potency gradually but maintaining their strength better if kept in a cool, dark place.

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