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If you would like to donate to our fire recovery fund it would be greatly appreciated. 

In June of 2019 the Woodbury Wildfire hit us head on with thick smoke and flames. When the smoke had cleared we found we had lost 3 structures to fire, and 1/4 mile of domestic water line that brought water down from our mountain spring. Our resource yard of building materials of lumber, solar panels, roofing etc. -- all gone. Vineyards burned, fruit trees burned, hundreds of wild trees burned dead. 


Our main house, and other most important buildings were saved.


Little did we know that this would be just the beginning of our challenges. With all of the vegetation burned off the mountain side's rain water would come rushing down and rip out anything and everything in its path. With rocks, boulders, and sand left behind, the river's path is ever widening. We have had 4 buildings washed away or destroyed, and roads washed out by flooding. So now we do not have all the living accommodations we need for interns and students that could be helping us rebuild. We are losing housing faster than rebuilding.


Many friends have come forward and helped out with emotional support, prayers, financial help, labor, and bulldozer work. 

Thanks to you all that have helped us recover. The stress and impact of the wild fire is behind us now, but "burn scar" flooding is still a very real threat. We enormously appreciate all of your support and with that we will prevail. 

Here's how you can help out: send a check or cash to Reevis Mtn School Fire Recovery Fund. 7448 South J-B Ranch  Rd. Roosevelt, Az. 85545 or through PayPal


Thank you with all our hearts,

Peter Bigfoot

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