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Bigfoot's Magic Stuff, 2 oz.

Bigfoot's Magic Stuff, 2 oz.


Ingredients: Wildcrafted Chaparral leaf, Yerba Santa leaf, and Osha root; natural grain alcohol, mountain spring water, vegetable glycerin


Use: I use this as my all-purpose “nip it in the bud” remedy to empower the immune system; for such ailments as flu, fever, sore throat, viruses, herpes, swollen glands, colds, internal infections, and some headaches; and as a strengthening tonic. For cold sores, I apply it full strength topically. A natural antibiotic/antiseptic.


Dosage: Dilute to taste, 2–6 droppers (½ to 1½ tsp.) in a cup of warm or hot water. I take 3–5 cups daily or as needed to get results.

NOTICE: Herbs are wonderful remedies, but they are not meant to be a substitute for healthy living habits.

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