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Irritability and PMS Relief, 8 oz.

Irritability and PMS Relief, 8 oz.


Ingredients: Algerita root, natural grain alcohol, mountain spring water, vegetable glycerin


Use: This is my tincture of choice for most “excess liver heat” conditions: irritability, excessive anger, hangover, mental confusion, nighttime chatterbrain and PMS, as well as congested, painful or infected liver, fevers, hives and inflamed or dry, scaly skin. As a bitter tonic, it improves digestion. Contains berberine compounds, which are known to be antimicrobial and to kill microparasites.


Dosage: I use 1–3 droppers in a cup of warm water (to taste), taken as needed to get results. Best taken 30 minutes before meals. External uses: I apply with cotton full strength to skin fungus or rashes, such as athlete’s foot.

Caution: Will stain fabric.

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