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Superstition Wilderness Trails West

Superstition Wilderness Trails West


By Jack Carlson and Elizabeth Stewart


Discover Arizona's Superstition Wilderness Trails West. Rugged mountains with towering hoodoos, hidden canyons, seasonal creeks and waterfalls, majestic deserts and wildflowers, prehistoric ruins, and prospector camps--all in a National Forest Wilderness less than an hour from Phoenix. Weavers Needle, Superstition Mountain, Charlebois Spring, La Barge Canyon, Red Tanks Canyon, Garden Valley, Peters Canyon, and Peters Mesa are special places that spring to life with this guide's colorful history of the Superstitions. More adventures can be found in the companion book, Superstition Wilderness Trails East.

  • More than 65 treks in and around the Wilderness
  • Clear and simple hike and horse ride directions
  • Easy-to-use topographic and trailhead maps
  • Trips for everyone--rated easy to very difficult
  • Intriguing history and folklore of the Superstitions
  • Never before published trips into the backcountry
  • GPS coordinates--trailheads and key points

Trail Guide West--The complete and authoritative guide to the western Superstition Wilderness.

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