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Kidney Tonic, 2 oz.

Kidney Tonic, 2 oz.


Ingredients: Mallow root, Uva Ursi leaf, Dandelion root, Ashwaganda root, Cleavers, Astragalus root, natural grain alcohol, mountain spring water, vegetable glycerin

Use: I use this tonic to aid kidney function, to strengthen weak kidneys, and to relieve timidness, aversion to cold, excessive fear, kidney infections, painful kidneys, lower back pains associated with the kidneys, and weak urine stream.

Dosage: I dilute to taste, using 2–8 droppers (½ to 2 tsp.) per cup of water, taken three or more times daily or as needed to get results.

NOTICE: Herbs are wonderful remedies, but they are not meant to be a substitute for healthy living habits.

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