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Pollen Allergy Relief, 8 oz.

Pollen Allergy Relief, 8 oz.


Ingredients: Brittlebush, Desert Plantain, Ephedra, Chaparral, Yerba Santa, Natural Grain Alcohol, Mountain Spring Water, Vegetable Glycerin

Use: I use this remedy primarily for pollen-related allergies but have also seen it work for other allergies, such as cat fur, and as a remedy for lung and sinus congestion, and even hives.

Dosage: I use approximately 1/2 to 1 teaspoon, according to taste, in a cup of warm water. I suggest about 1 cup three times daily, or as needed to get results. Often one cup is sufficient.

NOTICE: Herbs are wonderful remedies, but they are not meant to be a substitute for healthy living habits.

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