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Colloidal Silver, 4 oz.

Colloidal Silver, 4 oz.


Ingredients: Filtered mountain spring water, electronically dissolved pure silver

Use: I use this remedy for stubborn internal or feverish infections such as yeast, flu, bacterial, virus, and urinary infections, including strep and sore throats. It kills single-cell pathogens and parasites in our bodies and in water. A soothing eye wash for eye infections. Colloidal Silver has no known harmful side effects.

Dosage: This concentrateed solution may be diluted up to 10 times with filtered or distilled water. Stronger doses are often used for very stubborn conditions. I use it rather freely, taking as much as needed to get results. Approximately 6 cups used daily (diluted solution with 2 oz. of full-strength colloidal silver) is typical dosage.

Externally: I bathe infected parts with the solution and/or apply a saturated bandage to infected wounds or skin fungus.

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