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Thanksgiving Celebration 2024 @ RMS

Thanksgiving Celebration 2024 @ RMS


Join our Reevis Mountain family for a 2024 Thanksgiving celebration where we come together to appreciate the simple pleasures.  This will be on the Saturday following Thanksgiving.  Guests are shuttled from Roosevelt to RMS at 10am. The feast is held around 2pm, and guests will be returned to their vechicles around 5pm. In the past, we have enjoyed many scrumptious and wholesome meals. Each year will vary, and there will always be a delicious roasted turkey, raised with love and compassion. Dishes may include, yams, pomegranate cornbread, fresh salad, green beans, roasted squash, steamed greens, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie...and more. You are welcome to bring a special dish of your own if you like, but it's not required.  Please register within 10 days prior.


**Celebration will be held on Saturday, November 30th, 2024 the Saturday after Thanksgiving.



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