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Reevis Mountain School, located in the eastern Superstition Wilderness of Arizona, provides a place of inspiration, peace, and reverence for nature, where students and interns can learn natural healing and self-reliance skills, experience growing their own food, develop spiritual awareness, enjoy a spirit of community, and live healthfully.


Peter Bigfoot, Reevis's founder, has created a homestead of joy, magic, and healing, a place and way of life that reflects his motto: Live what you love!


Reevis's farm is rustic and natural, but provides most of the residents needs throughout the year. It consists of a half-acre garden that produces year round, an orchard of nealrly one hundred fruit and nut trees, a screen-covered grape vineyard, a stone greenhouse, a stone shower house with solar-heated water, a stone power house, a workshop, various pens and coops for poultry, yurpees (yurt/teepee combination), two double cabins with wood-burning stoves, and three single cabins with gas heat. The farm hosts a flock of chickens, turkeys, and ducks, as well as the customary farm cats. The original ranch house still stands, housing a kitchen, a healing room with treatment table, a large workroom, and a library with hundreds of books and videos.



Reevis is located on a 13-acre private in-holding in the Tonto National Forest, eight miles from Roosevelt on a rough country road. The land is nestled in a remote valley at 3,300 feet elevation, protected by mountains on three sides - an isolated and serene setting for our homestead. A small perennial stream running parallel with the property, supplies the farm with irrigation water. Two springs and a solar-pumped well provide additional water. The surrounding wilderness offers unlimited hiking opportunities. Native American ruins are within hiking distance from the farm, and many other ancient sites are found in the nearby Tonto National Forest. The setting makes possible an awesome experience of wild nature, free from pollution and artificial noise.

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