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The Complete Desert Survivor @ RMS

The Complete Desert Survivor @ RMS


Wondering how to live full time in the wilderness?


Then don’t miss this!


Join "Southwest Survival's" Jon Helleson and legendary herbalist, wilderness expert, and author, Peter Bigfoot as they team up to share their skills during an incredible 5- day immersion into wilderness living!


Nestled in the beautiful Superstition Mountains, Reevis Mountain is a true oasis in the desert. We’ll stay at Peter Bigfoot’s incredible off the grid homestead paradise he has created in the wilderness- you’ll see true self-reliance in action!


Here are just some of the hands-on skills you will experience:


Useful Wild Plants –

·       Sample lots of delicious wild edibles

·       Learn healing properties of local medicinal plants

·       Make salves, tinctures, and powders for healing

·       Tricks for fast identification

·       Poisonous plants to avoid 

·       Make plant fiber rope, agave water bottle, toothbrushes, and other field gear!


Basic & Advanced Survival –

·       Create comfortable emergency shelters

·       Make fire using modern and fire by friction techniques

·       Find, make, and purify water 

·       Bake, boil, and cook your meal over a campfire without modern cookware!

·       Expedient tools like sharp blades from river cobbles, pitch glue, and more!

·       Navigate using improvised methods


Hunting –

·       Identify animals in the area using tracks and other signs

·       Learn to make effective snares and deadfall traps for birds, and small mammals

·       Craft traditional hunting items like rabbit hunting sticks, slings, spear throwers, and more!

·       Make fishing tackle- hooks, nets, and more!

·       Flint-knap an arrowhead out of stone


Wilderness Medicine -

·       Be prepared with Wilderness first aid for potential injuries in the field

·       Learn how to heal common complaints using effective acupressure techniques


After this course, you will be able to thrive in the outdoors with just a knife and the skills we teach you, and you will certainly be inspired to make your own off the grid homestead by Peter Bigfoot’s accomplishments at Reevis Ranch!


This course is held at RMS October 4-8th, 2024


  • Classes held at Reevis Mountain School include meals (arrival night meals are a potluck party—please bring a healthful, natural dish to share!), class supplies, shower-house, and campsite.

  • Camping is free or (availability permitting) stay in a single cabin ($25 per night, sleeps 1), or double cabin ($50 per night, sleeps 1-2+). Cabins have a single or double bed, and bedding is included. Cabins have no electricity or water. Bring an electric lantern if you would like lighting at night. If you would like to rent/reserve a cabin for the days of the class, please email us. Space is limited.

  • Please see additional information under "Important Details" on our Classes/Events page.

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