Living and teaching self-reliance
since 1980

Peter Bigfoot

A recognized authority on Southwest plant life and desert survival, Peter Bigfoot is perhaps best known for his much-publicized July 1976 solo trek across the Sonoran Desert. He walked 85 miles in 15 days, and brought no food or water, relying strictly on what could be foraged along the way. Grueling heat, the constant threat of dehydration, and a bout with hepatitis were true tests of his wilderness survival wisdom.

This transformational experience inspired Bigfoot to found Reevis Mountain School of Self-Reliance, a magical wilderness homestead, farm, and sanctuary in the northeast corner of Arizona’s Superstition Wilderness, far from the distractions and pollution of modern life. Here, since 1980, thousands of students and visitors have experienced Bigfoot’s uniquely loving blend of botanical knowledge, survival skills, natural healing techniques, and spiritual awareness.

Today, Bigfoot spends most of his time working on the farm, teaching, writing, and producing a line of herbal remedies. He has the assistance of his wife, Patricia, and a changing group of interns who come here to experience Reevis and learn from Bigfoot's decades of wisdom.

To listen to an hour-long audio interview with Bigfoot about persimmons and philosophy, click here (mp3).

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