Living and teaching self-reliance
since 1980

Office Manager Opportunity

We are currently looking to fill a very important role here at Reevis Moutain School.  We understand that most people who come here want to be outside and learn about the wilderness, nature, and experience things outdoors, and themselves through all of these available instruments.  This special position as the Office Manager would be someone that is interested in all those things but enjoys spending most of their time on the computer and organizing. 

We have a small business which we sell tinctures and salves that helps us to supplement our living, as well as sell vegetables.  We are looking for a helpful team player, who is flexible,  intelligent, open-minded, creative, someone who takes initiative, and also has some experience with Quickbooks.  It is also an opportunity to assist Peter Bigfoot, in keeping the schedule straightened out, and allow the office side of things to run smoothly, i.e. registering students for classes, making sure the sleeping arrangements are covered, human relations, etc. Other upkeeps would be the website, financial records, keeping inventory of tinctures and salves in stock, as well as supplies for our products.  The environment here is an easy-going environment in which people are able to blossom to their highest potential. 

If this sounds like something you or someone you know who would be interested in this wonderful opportunity, please contact us via email and by sending us an application. The link to download an application is below: Work-Exchange internships.  This job would be in fact a work-trade opportunity.  You will be well taken care of at this beautiful homestead with wholesome organic food from the garden, and a rich learning environment.  We are looking for a good fit in which this person can have a hand at continuing to support this paradise grow.


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