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Patricia's Page

After six busy and enormously enriching years at Reevis, I will be leaving on March 30, 2014. During the spring of 2014 I will remain available to help with the transition to a new office manager - but will be spending most of my time on forty acres in Apache County, taking lots of time for prayer and soul work, while learning about permaculture by working with the land, and supporting myself through freelance copy editing and writing.

I came to Reevis in May 2008, helped organize the office, caught up the bookkeeping, designed this website, prepared the Book of Ancient Natural Remedies, Natural Remedies for Bites and Stings, and Cooking with Bigfoot for publication, helped Bigfoot through his hip surgery - and I've received so much more than I've given. These years have been the most changeful and growthful of my life, and I'm gigantically grateful for the opportunity to spend this time at this special place, learning from and with Peter and all our interns, students, visitors, and dear friends. As for so many others, Reevis has been a life-changing and life-enhancing experience for me.

If you are curious what I'm up to, I will be posting to a blog at

So many people have given me gifts of learning, community, and love in the past six years. As Peter would say, I'm happy to share the planet with you. Thank you from my heart.

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