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Stone Masonry

Hands-on experience in the art and skill of stone wall construction: selecting native stones, mixing concrete, placing stones, esthetic and structural considerations, choice of tools and materials. Bring work gloves and work clothes. Help build something that will virtually last forever and never need paint.

This class is physically demanding, as we work in the summer heat, lifting heavy mortar and stones, and often work on scaffolding. Please consider these conditions and your physical capacities before registering.

Five days. For this class, shuttle pickup on the first day is at 3 p.m.

Please read Class Info before registering. Deposits are non-refundable unless RMS cancels or reschedules the class.

PLEASE NOTE: We now close registration at noon on the Monday prior to the class starting date. Please register before Monday, June 1, at noon!


June 6-11, 2015 (Saturday-Thursday)
$143 per person

Stone Masonry, June 6-11, 2015 (payment in full - 10% discount until May 6) $143.00
50% deposit to hold your spot (Balance is due before class) $71.50
Balance remaining after deposit $71.50
Lodging Option: Camping (free) or staying with person renting double cabin Included
Lodging Option: Yurpee ($10/night/person) $50.00
Lodging Option: Single Cabin ($25/night, sleeps 1) $125.00
Lodging Option: Double Cabin ($50/night, sleeps 1-2+) $250.00
Please indicate number of people taking shuttle between Roosevelt and RMS Included
masonry capping peter with rock